All shoots will respect any social distancing safety measures that an owner may still wish to apply.

Where horses are concerned many owners like to feature in a shoot  with their horses. This is a chance to have some portrait work with either your horse or even your pet and the images from such a shoot will last a lifetime. Other combinations can be children with horses and/or pets and the shots can make charming memories.

Everybody likes to look their best of course. You need to feel comfortable and relaxed if you wish to have a Lifestyle Session with your horse. I know from experience any tension or stress will be picked up by your horse and he/she will be unsettled. It really helps to have your horse groomed and looking his/her best but it can be difficult to avoid those muddy areas before a shoot both for yourself and for your horse. If full tack is to be used during the shoot make it as clean as you can

For the ladies I suggest to bring a change of clothing if possible for an alternative look in a shoot, but something neutral coloured. It may be difficult however to find a suitable place to change.  If the shots are to be taken whilst riding, jumping etc please wear your helmet.  Safety always comes before the photos.

Prices for portraiture depend on the type of shoot for example a shoot with horses takes the equine price and with pets at the pet shoot price. Please refer to the reference pages for equine or pets price sessions.  The higher price for equine shoots is because it is far more involved in detailing and organising a shoot with horses.