Equine Session Prices

Thanks for looking at the Pricing for my services.  These prices apply to Images taken on booked equine shoots and Portraiture shoots with people.

They do not apply to event images or for Wall Art. Wall Art is sold individually and on application dependent on what specification you require. Event images are purchased online via the Eventing Galleries link.

I charge a session fee for equine shoots but that does which include four prints of a size of your choice up to a maximum of 10″ x 8″ .

Prints may be substituted for digital files if preferred.  After that you can price up any extra prints that you require.  I try to be as transparent as possible with my pricing and hope that you will find what you want. If not then please do get in touch and I can give you the details you still need.

Dependent on distance to client,  I have always preferred to  view equine images in person with you rather than display on a website as it gives a better client experience but due to the current social distancing safety rules this will be done online.

Equine Lifestyle Shoot Session Fees

Up to Two Hours £85 and includes the prints mentioned above. No extra should the session run over a bit though I have found this rarely happens.

Any Mileage extra       Over 35 Miles to client at £0.30 per extra mile (charged at photographers discretion)

Item Prices

   Prints only        Framed            Canvas

4″ x 6″            £7.00

5″ x 7″            £9.00

6″ x 8″           £11.00

8″ x 10″         £17.00          £89.00

8″ x 12″         £19.50          £95.00

11″x 14″        £25.00         £110.00

12″x 16″        £30.00         £125.00

16″ x 20″       £37.00         £167.00         £104.00

16″ x 24″       £42.00         £174.00         £124.00

20″x 20″        £48.00         £177.00         £120.00

20″x 24″        £50.00         £188.00         £130.00

24″ x 24″       £52.00         £221.00         £147.00

24″ x 30″       £60.00         £257.00         £170.00

30″ x 32″       £65.00         £310.00         £215.00


This consists of several prints in One Frame

20″    £230.00
24″    £250.00
28″    £270.00
30″    £280.00
32″    £320.00

Prices of Digital Images per Image

Extra High Resolution Digital Images at £15 each ( excluding any already included)

Please contact Steve Jones Photographic to request prices for any other combination of items that meets your requirements.

About the Background Boys

All my Framing is bespoke and I use a top framing company and printer for all my work.They have always given me top quality work.

A small cover charge will be made for postage and packing when prints are sent by  mail.