Dotty and Niah

After three attempts to beat the weather, I finally managed to arrange a shoot with the owner of Dotty, a Dalmatian and Niah a Staffy.  The shoot was arranged for early afternoon and later that day Hurricane Gonzalo was forecasted to disrupt the Uk with high winds , so we were lucky to have caught the earlier sunshine. Dotty is 15 and is the most trusting and loving dog anyone could know. Dotty is blind and deaf but obviously very happy and content as anyone can see from her demeanour. With her utmost trust in her owner, she was happy to plod along relying on her familiarity with her walking route and her sense of smell for identifications.  She lives with her lifelong friend, 2 year old Niah, a staffy. The dogs get on famously and Niah more than makes up for any lack of energy in Dotty. It was so nice to see the great relationship the dogs had with each other. To attract Dotty’s attention we would give her a gentle touch on the back and then let her smell something familiar to get her to turn her head in a certain direction.


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