Dexter – A curly bundle of fun

Met Dexter a couple of weeks ago. Dexter is a Poochon and for those that didnt know – like me – A Poochon dog is a cross of a Bichon Frise and a Toy Poodle. The word Bichon comes from the French meaning a small long haired dog. He was a beautiful little dog with a lovely nature and was very game. His breed also appeals to many owners due to his non-hair shedding characteristic. We took Dexter up to Willen Lake at Milton keynes and went for a long walk – he has short legs ! – which took in the Grand Union Canal. Luckily he decided not to take a dip although on occasions he looked close to it.  Thanks to Simone for helping guide Dexter in the right direction just when it was needed.

I really enjoyed the shoot and here are a few shots from the afternoon.


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